About Us

The Board of Trustees at their Annual Meeting on Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

The Endowment Board is staffed by talented and dedicated individuals. Our volunteer Board of Trustees includes committed laypersons and clergy who serve as the guiding force for all of our efforts.

Although much has changed in the last century, The Endowment Board still holds true to our mission of supporting our retired clergy and their spouses. With thoughtful investments and wise stewardship, we promise to continue to grow the endowment, and services, for many years to come.

“The Endowment Board is a vital partner with the Board of Pensions in providing assistance to retirees who have served in ministry. Whether it is through pension support or through making health insurance premiums more affordable, The Endowment Board has been a faithful, dependable, and loyal friend for decades.”
— Paul Extrum-Fernandez, Executive Officer & CBO Board of Pensions


Led by Executive Director, Cory Parish, The Endowment Board is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization whose purpose is to support the retired clergy and spouses of the California-Nevada United Methodist Conference. Together with our Board of Directors, the Board of Pensions, the Retired Clergy Association, and God, we work to expand programs, services, and outreach in a manner that is consistent with our mission, vision, and values.

Our Board of Trustees consists of volunteer members, divided equally between clergy and laity, representing each region of our conference. The expertise and talents of our board members includes business, finance, ministry, and fund development.

2023/2024 Board of Trustees

Ms. Mary Popish

Elk Grove UMC,
Elk Grove

Rev. Dave Bennett

Central UMC,

Mr. Junell Ancheta
Buena Vista UMC,

Mr. Allen Barr
Mt. Tamalpais UMC,
Mill Valley

Rev. Anne Choy
Community UMC,

Rev. Jim Current
Novato UMC,

Mr. Rob Dunning
First UMC,

Rev. Dr. Rochelle Frazier
South Hayward UMC,

Ms. Margie Gong
Los Altos UMC,
Los Altos

Rev. Bobby Jones
Citrus Heights UMC,
Citrus Heights

Mr. Tom Kaljian
Los Banos UMC,
Los Banos

Ms. Siteri Maravou
Trinity UMC,
Mountain View

Rev. David Niu
Nevada City UMC,
Nevada City

Ms. Gayle Shearman
Novato UMC,

Rev. Shijung Shim
Castro Valley UMC,
Castro Valley

Rev. Kim Smith
Mt. Tamalpais UMC,
Mill Valley

Rev. Mark Wharff
Central UMC,

Affiliate Organizations

The Endowment Board both sponsors and collaborates on many events throughout the year, working with our affiliates to connect our retired clergy with the Conference and community. Please visit their websites for more information.