Gratitude in Action

Our founders had one mission when they created The Endowment Board in 1891, and that was to support our beloved retirees. That support began in the way of pension contributions, and has morphed into everything from healthcare cost assistance to fellowship events.

Although the world has changed since 1891, the need for resources to support our clergy remains and the definition of that need is ever-evolving. Each year, The Endowment Board grants the Board of Pensions (BOP) funds to help retirees cover the financial gap that emerges when Medicare falls short. With the increasing cost of healthcare, this gap is widening. The support our clergy get from The Endowment Board is more crucial than ever to their health, comfort, and security.

You can support the ministry of The Endowment Board by making a tax deductible donation. We offer a variety of ways to give including cash, pledges, real estate, life insurance, stocks, pooled income fund contributions, obituary memorials, honorariums, or bequest through a will. Whatever your path, you can be sure that your generosity will perpetuate inter-generational equity for years to come.

We pride ourselves on being good stewards of the funds we receive. To see what we accomplished via the generosity of our donors in fiscal year 2021/2022, please follow the link: Stewardship Newsletter 2021.2022

Create a Legacy with Us

Planned gifts create a unique opportunity for donors to make a gift that will continue beyond their earthly life, satisfy their charitable goals, and create an income stream for the remainder of their life. A planned gift allows donors to make a larger contribution without undue financial sacrifice. If you are interested in learning more about our planned giving vehicles, we would love to hear from you. We can be reached via email at, or phone at (209) 472-7288.

Fund Designation Opportunities

When you make a donation to The Endowment Board, you have three funds you may choose to direct your gift towards – the Shepherd Fund, the Healthcare Subsidy Fund, or the Area of Greatest Need. The Shepherd Fund offsets costs for retired clergy and spouses in times of need, i.e. emergency, family crisis, financial, and/or a situation in which financial relief is deemed necessary. The Shepherd Fund was established in 2021 in celebration of The Endowment Board’s 130th jubilee, in homage to The Endowment Board’s first donors (Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shepherd), and the $2 million gift milestone to Board of Pensions. You may read more about the Shepherd Fund by following the link: Executive-Summary.pdf

The Healthcare Subsidy Fund was established to provide support for those in difficult situations who may not be able to afford their healthcare premiums. In 2021, the fund assisted 13 families or individuals who were wrestling with financial challenges.

The Area of Greatest need leaves the designation up to the discretion of The Endowment Board, and the highest priority at the time the gift is made.


“Gratitude” by sculptor Roger Berry, was unveiled on October 28, 2015 in front of The Endowment Board’s corporate office in Stockton, California. The circular shape of the sculpture symbolizes the infinite generosity of the clergy and the selflessness of their supporters. The permanent structure serves as an everlasting tribute to our retired clergy, their lifetime of service, and all who continue to serve them.