History and Mission

Since the Board was launched, we have granted over $54,000,000 to the Board of Pensions (BOP) and the Retired Clergy Association (RCA) to provide much needed healthcare subsidies, pensions and other programs to support our retired pastors and their spouses. For over 130 years, we’ve nurtured a diverse portfolio of trusts, stocks, bonds, and real estate holdings. In addition to this investment income, we have been blessed with generous donors who have helped build a robust endowment so that we can serve those who have served us for so many years. If you would like to read more about our history, follow the link: Origins of Gratitude in Action.

The Endowment Board is grateful to our retired clergy for their years of devoted service. Since 1891, we have been honored to provide:

Security and peace of mind for your minister with pension funds and support

Financial relief for your church with reduced healthcare contributions

Tax advantages for you and your family, plus the satisfaction of helping those who have served us

1891 to Present Day

The BOP also uses The Endowment Board’s funds to support pre-1982 pension service years. Without this funding, these expenses would fall on the individual churches, costing them over $1 million per year. For every year that a retired clergy served prior to 1982, a designated sum is given annually, ensuring clergy the financial security they deserve.

“The Endowment Board provides the bulk of the Retired Clergy Association (RCA) funding for our mission and ministry through both a direct gift each year and funding for special projects. It enables us to sponsor events such as the Spring Fling and the RCA Luncheon at our Annual Conference, per diems to attend Annual Conference, and Volunteers In Mission service trips.” — Nancy Daley, Executive Officer, Retired Clergy Association

The Endowment Board, BOP, and RCA are working together to host financial planning seminars for those retiring within the next five to ten years. These include presentations from the Social Security Administration and the General Board of Pensions, a long-term health insurance specialist, an attorney specializing in estate planning, and reports from the BOP regarding current retiree healthcare options.

These valuable informational sessions help our clergy plan for a rewarding retirement. The contributions of The Endowment Board have enabled retirees and their families to improve the quality of their lives.