Stories from our Retired Clergy

Retirement is a new chapter for our pastors who have dedicated their lives to serving the United Methodist Church. Many don’t have the housing, savings, or investments, to feel confident that they can support themselves for the remainder of their lives. Your gift to The Endowment Board will lift this burden, enabling their golden years to be filled with security and peace of mind.

Reverend Glenda Thomas Hayward-Endowment Board Supporter

Reverend Glenda Thomas Hayward
Ordained in 1970, served seven churches in 31 years of active service

“I am fortunate to be in good health for my age, and spend little time visiting doctors and dentists, for which I am thankful. I was privileged to serve on The Endowment Board and became aware of how greatly its contributions aided retired clergy, especially some who were in dire financial conditions. The substantial amount given annually to The Conference Board of Pensions to subsidize healthcare for all of us in the retired relation is surely, for many, the gift of life itself. The Endowment Board also subsidizes the Spring Fling—an annual event for retirees which supplies us with food for the mind, music for the soul, and an annual opportunity to reunite with our clergy colleagues that we seldom would see otherwise.

Many of us get to decide each day “What is God calling me to now?” When I have a day without something or someone on my calendar, I ask myself that question. I usually get an answer, and I like to think God’s presence is in that answer.”

Reverend John Dodson- Pooled Income Fund Member

Reverend John Dodson
Ordained 1956, served 42 years

“When I was ready to retire in 1999 I looked at my options. I hadn’t paid much attention to my retirement funds. I was frightened when I sat down to review my holdings. I knew healthcare was going to be a significant issue. I was certainly aware of our Endowment Board and had helped to secure funds for the Board.

I had not thought about how The Endowment Board would impact my future and my family. As I began to understand how the funds delivered to the Conference over the last 100 years would affect my health costs, I was relieved. It would make a difference in what I would be paying over the rest of my life.

I have been retired now for 20 years and my healthcare supplement has amounted to 60 to 65 thousand dollars. What a difference those funds have made over the years. It has made a significant impact in my life. It is the gift that keeps giving. I have a heart full of gratitude and my wife, Vicky, and I recently became inaugural members of The Endowment Board’s Pooled Income Fund.

This fund will provide us with an income stream for the rest of our lives via quarterly payments. We are thrilled to be able to comfortably give back to something that has given us so much.”

Reverend Mary McCollum-Trustee of a Charitable Remainder Trust

Reverend Mary McCollum
Continuing the Spirit of Giving Beyond her Life on Earth

C.S. Lewis, once convinced that Jesus was not the center of life, said, “I do not believe one can settle how much we ought to give. I am afraid the only safe rule is to give more than we can spare. Rev. Mary McCollum is one who gave more than she could spare when she set up a Charitable Remainder Trust with The Endowment Board in 1995. She believed in the work and mission of the organization so deeply that she knew she wanted to continue to support retirees and their spouses even beyond her earthy life.

Thanks to sound investment of the funds in the trust by The Endowment Board, Rev. McCollum more than doubled her initial planned gift investment via quarterly income payments during her lifetime, while also ultimately leaving a legacy gift larger than initial gift. A win-win for The Endowment Board, Rev. McCollum, and her beloved church, Fair Oaks UMC.

On behalf of The Endowment Board, its staff, and those we support, we share our gratitude for Rev. McCollum and her spirit of giving.

Reverend John Moore-Giving Via a Bequest

Reverend John Moore
A Simple Bequest, A Significant Impact

Rev. John Moore passed away on Saturday, July 27, 2019, just six weeks before his 100th birthday. Prior to his death, he specified that he wanted to make a $5,000 bequest to The Endowment Board. What a generous way to celebrate a life well lived, while also supporting the needs of our retirees and their spouses.

We are blessed by Rev. Moore’s desire to put his Gratitude in Action, and his trust in The Endowment Board’s ability to grow his gift for the next generation of retirees.   

If you have been touched by the work of The Endowment Board, and you feel comfortable sharing your story, we would love to hear from you. Please send your story and contact information to