A Legacy of Gratitude

In 1891, a group of caring and committed members within the Methodist Episcopal Church realized that their pastors often retired without sufficient resources to live with a sense of security. They had a vision to establish an endowment to support our retired clergy as they moved into the later stages of their lives. That year, The Endowment Board was founded with the very first gift of land in Mendocino County from Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd. Since then we have granted over $56,000,0000 to the Board of Pensions (BOP) and the Retired Clergy Association (RCA) to provide much needed healthcare subsidies, pensions, and programs to support our retired pastors and their spouses.

It is our mission to continue serving those who have served for so many years. We hope you’ll join us.

Shown Above: Ms. Mary Popish, Endowment Board President, presents the 2023 gift to the Conference Board of Pensions. The $2 million grant to the Board of Pensions provides 100% of the Annual Conference related funding for retiree health care plans.